Historic Santiam Cascade Endurance Ride

AUGUST 13, 2022

We have limited space for trailers and we will be limiting space to 50 riders. We will be charging a $35 non-refundable fee to hold your spot (please use FRIENDS & FAMILY when paying your fee via PayPal or Venmo, otherwise we will refund and give your place to the next person in line). Remaining payment will be due at the ride (cash or check ONLY – we don’t have enough service in camp to take online payments). Please read all of the information listed below about rules and restrictions BEFORE you register.

We have several options for online payment (payment MUST be received at the time of registration or you will lose your spot).
PayPal:                  santiamcascade@gmail.com (use FRIENDS & FAMILY option)
Venmo:                 @Sharalyn-Hay
CashApp:             $SharalynHay
Zelle:                     sharalyn.hay14@gmail.com

Routes are now available on Ride w GPS: https://ridewithgps.com/events/188823-santiam-cascade-endurance-ride

12 – 30 – 50

* There will be 30 and 50 mile distances
(plus a 12 mile Trail Ride).
* 50 riders ONLY – first come, first served.
* Juniors ride for free.

* All volunteers must be approved by ride management –
if you’d like to volunteer, please contact us.

If for any reason you can’t make the ride, there will be no refund of your $35 fee. This fee helps us cover costs associated with putting on a great ride. To support OET in their efforts to maintain this site (and others in the area), we will be charging a $10 PER RIG FEE (per day for those who haul-in for the day, per night for those camping). This money will be donated to OET.

We will have dinner available (and is included in the ride fee). Awards will be on Sunday morning.

Details about Ride Camp

Parking spots are limited, and you will be assigned a parking spot based on how long you are staying and the size of your rig. THERE WILL BE NO SAVING SPOTS. Corral space is limited – no electric containment allowed. NO SMOKING (except within an enclosed vehicle). Certified weed-free hay is required. Ride camp is “Leave No Trace” – you are responsible for your own poop cleanup. The Santiam Cascade Endurance Ride operates under a Special Use Permit with the Sisters Ranger District of the Deschutes National Forest, and is an equal opportunity outdoor recreation service provider.



  1. Riders will get an email packet with all info needed.
  2. Riders will be asked to keep 6′ distance from anyone they did not come to the ride with.
  3. Riders will stay on opposite side of horse from pulser/vet.


The ride will start at 6:30 am from the north side of ride camp. The trail will be marked with pink and white ribbon on the right with the addition of “caution” ribbon, sometimes also with arrow signs, to indicate an upcoming turn. The first 4 miles is on the Metolius-Windago trail. In addition to our ribbons, this trail is marked with yellow diamonds on trees. Watch for a crossing of highway 242 at 3.3 miles and at about 4 miles there will be a water trough and a wooden trail sign. The route turns left and leaves the Met-win and goes onto the 4-Mile Butte trail. This route is marked with silver diamonds on trees in addition to our ribbons. The route will take you to the top (the only steep section of trail on the ride) and around the rim of 4-Mile Butte where you will get a panoramic view of the Cascades and the surrounding area as well as your photograph taken. If you start to go downhill before you have gone around the rim you missed the turn that takes you to the top and back down. You will continue on the 4- Mile Butte trail for about 2 miles before you veer off to the left onto road 398. Don’t miss this turn, if you get to Graham Corral without coming to a second water trough you missed the turn and 5 miles of trail. In less than a mile you will end up on a red cinder road (Suicide Gulch Road). You will be on this road for about a mile. When you come to a water trough you will turn right off the cinder road. Follow the ribbons on some dirt roads with views of Black Butte through the trees. You come back to the 4- Mile Butte trail (silver diamonds) again for about a mile and then look for a single track trail on the left. If you miss this turn you will end up back on the Met-win headed back to ride camp (this happened last year)! The single track will take you into Graham Corral Horse Camp. To make sure our vet is back to Ride Camp in a timely manner, you MUST be to the vet check (15 miles in) at Graham Corral by 10:15am.

You will have a 45 minute hold at the vet check. There will be water, hay, oat floats, an outhouse and transportation back to ride camp if you get pulled.

The trail continues north from Graham Corral on the Met-win (yellow diamonds). After crossing Indian Ford Creek (there is a bridge) you will turn right and follow a single track along the creek and then cross back over (no bridge). You will be on nice dirt roads for about 2 miles and then you will hate the next half mile on a gravel road before turning right onto dirt roads again for another mile. Look for a single track on the right which will take you down a steep incline (might want to get off) and soon after you will be back on the Met-win headed south. After about 2.5 miles you come to the first water trough again and then 4 miles of repeat trail back to ride camp.

The ride will start at 6:00 am from the north side of ride camp with a pink and white 30 mile loop (see the 30 mile LD description above). To make sure our vet is back to Ride Camp in a timely manner, you MUST be to the trot-by (15 miles in) at Graham Corral by 10am.

There will be an hour hold in Ride Camp.

To make sure you have time to complete the loop we are imposing a cut off time of 3:00pm for leaving ride camp for the 2nd Loop. The green and white 20 mile loop has more elevation with more technical trail, and will be during the heat of the afternoon. The trail leaves from the southeast end of camp. The single track trail goes up a short hill into the open with great views of the mountains and connects in about a mile to the Met-win (yellow diamonds). Continue on the Met-win for 2.5 miles to Pole Creek. Take advantage of the natural water here. Cross the creek (bridge or ford) and continue on the Met-win for about a mile then turn left onto a cinder road, turn right in about a mile and sharp right in about another half mile. You will now be riding through a burn that has been replanted and along the edge of Whychus Creek Wild and Scenic River Canyon. There will be a cluster of fallen logs across the trail you will have to step over. After 2.4 miles turn left onto another cinder road. Follow the road for 1.8 miles to cross over Pole Creek again, via a culvert. You will now turn left and ride beside Pole Creek for 1.7 miles with spots to allow your horse to get a drink (we will try to have signs indicating good places to access the water). At 11.4 miles (last chance for a drink from natural water), turn right onto a wide gravel road (1513) for 0.6 miles, then look for a single track on the left. Turn right onto a dirt road for about a mile then look for a single track on the right going up an incline that will soon take you back down an incline to a water trough. Continue downhill on dirt roads and single track for 2.5 miles until you meet up with the Met-win again. At 17.4 miles you are almost back to camp but you will veer off to the left and go across the gravel road you drove in on to Ride Camp (FS 15) and follow dirt roads to come back into ride camp from the north (same spot you left camp on for the first loop). You’re done!

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